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2017 waec gce Further Mathematics questions & Answers Now Available here

WAEC GCE 2017 FURTHER MATHEMATICS/MATHS Obj and Theory/Essay Questions & Answers | Complete Expo-EXAMS

2017 waec gce expo /WAEC Runs 2017/ WAEC gce Chokes 2017/WAEC gce  solutions 2017 is probably sent midnight i.e 12 a.m for your exam ~ This is the only site that delivers

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VERIFIED waec gce ANSWERS (OBJ/theory EXPO RUNZ 2017): currently speaking, there will be no doubt the 2017 waec gce runz/expo | real waec gce nov/dec expo | best waec expo site | bmasterz 2017 VERIFIED waec gce ANSWERS will be available on this site in a short time. However, these are tags related to COMPLETE WAEC GCE EXPO/Runz


   [ 2017 waec gce expo ]  Thank you for visiting Bmasterz 2017 waec expo page.You have just made your first move into your success.This shows that you have made up your mind to pass WAEC GCE  at once by smashing A’s.

      NOTICE !!!! This is our only official number => 08140086981

      Warning! 1: If you are viewing this page by mistake, kindly opt out by clicking the back arrow or exit your browser entirely.This page is only meant for 2017 WAEC  GCE candidates who are looking for sure easy way to make WAEC GCE  at a sitting.

Warning 2: Candidates are to note that we shall not condone incomplete payment or free answers as we have been doing in the past, unless otherwise.However, we shall declare our free coupon packages in due time if need arises.


MUST READ! : Important things you MUST know about 2017 WAEC GCE

1. WAEC has devised a means to post fake answers especially, OBJ on the internet during exam as a way of getting scape-goat.If you fall into this trap, you fail woefully and write WAEC again

2. Universities no longer conduct POSTUME exams.As a result, WAEC is the only means of admitting students now into the university.This implies that WAEC will be very tough in 2017 as candidates will struggle not just to make WAEC but to smash it in flying colours, mostly A’s since universities now use point system to grade candidates’ WAEC results.

3. Many candidates who have written WAEC GCE  and made it with mostly C’s will apply for WAEC again to make more of A’s for easy admission, especially candidates applying for more competitive courses in the university eg; medicine and law.

4. Many candidates in desperate of making WAEC GCE  will fall into the traps of fraudsters.Be wise and look before you leap

Now, I have a tip off for you.Guess what???

Do you know that we have gotten access to all 2017 WAEC  GCE questions and answers, including practicals?

NOTICE !!!! This is our only official number => 08138084871

Do you know that we work direct with WAEC  GCE officials? You can ask our past subscribers for verification.How will you know? No matter your exam state ir centre, if you have problem with your rsult, maybe your result was seized or maybe you discover that you did not write well to your satisfaction in a particular subject, just send us a text message or call us, detailing your problem.Once we confirm that you are our candidate, we shall solve it for you at once.We value our candidates.

Again, do you know that we have our special centre where you can register WAEC GCE direct wuth us.We Shall provide you accomodation and transport free.

   The 2017/2018 West African Examination is around the corner, come March 2017.

      With the strategy we apply in the past exam, we have redefined some changes that we snowball our perfection to keep giving you the best.

      We have refined mercenaries, whose brains are very hot that solves questions accurately with over 6 years experience since we started.

      If you have been following our site, you will discover that we redesigned our site for easy navigation.

Signs and symbols for 2017 waec gce runs on bmasterz.com

      SEE THE LIST OF AVAILABLE SUBJECTS FOR OUR 2017 waec gce expo/runz

1. English language

2. Mathematics

3. Biology

4. Civic Education

5. Chemistry

6. Physics

7. Government

8. Commerce

9. Economics

10. Literature-in-english

11. Financial accounting

12. Book-keeping

13. Geography

14. Agricultural science

15. Further-mathematics

16. Technical drawing

17. Islamic Religious Studies

18. Christian Religious Studies

19. Physics practical

20. Chemistry practical

21. Biology practical

22. Agricultural science practical

23. Igbo language

24. Yoruba language

25. Hausa language

26. Marketing

27. Office practice
28. French



*  All subjects ie. both Art & Science =>> N12,000.00

* 7 or 8 or 9 subjects + Practicals==>> N6,000.00

* 6 subjects + practicals ==>> N5,000.00

* 5 subjects + practicals ==>> N4,000.00

* Payment per subject ==>> 1,000.00


(We accept ONLY MTN and Airtel cards)

*  All subjects ie. both Art & Science =>> N13,000.00

* 7 or 8 or 9 subjects + Practicals==>> N7,000.00

* 6 subjects + practicals ==>> N6,000.00

* 5 subjects + practicals ==>> N5,000.00

* Payment per subject ==>> 1,500.00

Note! If you have chosen recharge card option;

English and Maths are N2,000.00 each.

NOTICE !!!! This is our only official number => 08140086981
After making payment, send your details as follow;


Mode of payment=

Amount paid=

Teller number=



Name=  Kunle Hamza Ifechukwu

Mode of payment= Bank / ATM Transfer

Amount paid= N7,000.00

Teller number= 021345

Subjects= Eng, maths, chem,phy,bio,govt,comm,econs,civic

       Once we receive your payment alert, we shall take 20 minutes to confirm after which we send you a confirmation message that your payment was received.

       If after paying and you did not receive our confirmation message in 2 hours, quickly call us or send us a text message.

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